SALSAEditor: Creation of a Domain Specification Modelling Language for Latin Dances

Background and Context

As the world evolves, new dance learning techniques are emerging with technology. Considering that learning hoow to dance can be a challeging process, the new dance techniques will allow user to have an easy learning experience. Currently there are many applications of technology in Dance Education throught videos, motion capture, web-based, database-based and among others. Aside from having many applications techniques for Dance Education, there are no graphical tool to edit and create dance steps. Currently, there are no Domain Specific Modelling Languages (DSML) for dances, but there are many other applications in differet industries such as a the health industry and the aviation industry.

Project Goals

SALSAEDITOR is the Step Notation Component of the SALSA project. The system allows users to edit and create salsa dance steps and can also be used for other Afro-Latin dances, such as bachata.The objective of the Step Notation Component is to develop a domain modelling language that allows users to edit and create salsa dance diagrams. The tool was built following a salsa dance grammar to validate the salsa dance steps implemented in a user interface (UI) design to provide the user a better user experience through a graphical interface.

The Step Notation tool has the following functionalities:

Figure 1. Architecture Diagram for the Step Notation App and the DSML component


The execution of the step notation was comprised of the development of the tool and the user evaluation to test the effectiveness of the tool. Overall, the feedback given was positive with some constructive criticisms which led to better functionality to build upon the final design of the tool. Participants appreciated the minimal design and the described the tool as self-explanatory, easy to use and understandable. After all, the participant agreed that the tool would be effective in dance education, at least for the Latin dances, to create salsa dance diagrams and practice their dance skills with a tool that illustrates clear dance steps notations.

Figure 1. A gif illustrating how to add the steps notation into the canvas.


The SALSAEditor successfully allows the users to create and edit the dance steps but small features of the graphical editor need to be improved to be used smoothly. Overall, the Step Notation Component concept was well received by the dance teachers, and positive feedback was given and if well implemented can help improve dance education.


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