Teaching Recursion Visually
Three steps beyong the IDE


Recursion is an important and powerful computational problem-solving tool. However, many students find it difficult to understand and challenging to utilize. A game based on recursion was developed to aid in the teaching of recursion through
visual coding, stack simulation and visual simulation.


7 Levels

7 unique maze levels give a gamified experience and incentive to progress through the game.

Universal Simulation

A visual simulation for math-type questions was developed that can be used for any mathematical-type question.

Drag and Drop

Visual UI makes use of a drag and drop mechanic for an easy coding experience.

Stack Simulation

The role of the call stack is clearly visualized at each recursive step.



Project Proposal

Three Visual Approaches to Aid the Teaching of Recursion


Student Interviews

Learning Recursion Experience

Google Form: Three Approaches to Aid Teaching of Recursion

Google Form:
User Testing and Evaluation

Short Questions and Game Experience Questionnaire

University of Cape Town


  • Moegamat Ra-eez Stenekamp
  • Shakeel Mohamed
  • Tony Guo


  • Jecton Anyango
  • Hussein Suleman
Computer Science Department